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Perlmans Fabriks AB

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Responsible: Ingrid Linder
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PFAB can use so-called cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to your browser. The cookie cannot identify you personally but only the browser that is installed on your computer and that you use when visiting the current website.

You can easily refrain from allowing PFAB’s website to store cookies in your computer by making a setting in your browser, including blocking cookies or deleting the cookies stored on your computer. You can also opt out of cookies through the popup window that appears when you visit our website.

Processing of personal data

Perlmans Fabriks AB, corporate identity number 556076-5900, (”PFAB” or ”we”) has the policy to take all necessary measures to ensure that personal data concerning our external stakeholders processed by us is processed in a legal, secure and transparent manner . When you are in contact with PFAB, we collect some of your personal information. PFAB is thus responsible for personal data for your personal data and processes them in accordance with this privacy policy. We follow all applicable laws and regulations that exist to protect the privacy of individuals. We use appropriate and reasonable physical, technical and organizational security measures in relation to the amount and sensitivity of personal data.

When you are in contact with PFAB, you may provide information to us that is considered to constitute personal data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. The types of personal data that we collect may, depending on the context, include, for example:

  • name and contact information including address, mobile number and email address;
  • social security number;
  • delivery and billing information, payment information and other information that you provide in connection with the purchase or delivery of a product or service;
  • information on preferences and interests based on the use of PFAB’s website;
  • information relevant to customer surveys, advertisements or offers; and or
  • information that you actively choose to share via e-mail or that is collected via our website.

PFAB may use your personal data for other purposes and with the support of other legal grounds, which are set out below.

  • Fulfillment of agreements: For handling and administration of purchases, delivery of goods and for making payments.
  • Consent: Direct marketing (postal and digital), newsletter.
  • Fulfill legal obligation: We save e.g. invoice documentation in accordance with current accounting rules.
  • Legitimate interest: In order for us to be able to provide, implement and improve our commitments, products and services, it is necessary for us to process personal data in certain other cases as well.
Storage of personal data

Your personal data is never stored longer than what is allowed under current law and to achieve the purposes stated above. Your personal data is processed by us during the following time periods.

  • Fulfillment of agreement: Personal information (name, social security number, address, telephone number, e-mail and payment and delivery information) is stored for as long as required for PFAB to be able to fulfill the agreement with you. This includes i.a. to fulfill delivery or warranty obligations.
  • Legal obligation: PFAB saves such data that constitutes accounting information in accordance with current accounting rules.
  • Consent: In cases where we process your personal data with the support of your consent, we only store your personal data as long as we have your consent to it.
Transfer of personal data

Information about our stakeholders is an important part of our business and we do not sell the information to any third party. We may transfer information to third parties in accordance with what is described below. We always exercise the utmost care when transferring your personal information and your personal information is never passed on without our support in this privacy policy and that appropriate security measures are taken.

  • Partners outside the group PFAB belongs to: Our partners, i.e. companies outside the group to which PFAB belongs, may have access to your personal data in order to give you access to customized information and offers.
  • Corporate transactions: If all or parts of PFAB’s operations are sold or integrated with other operations, your personal information may be disclosed to potential buyers and passed on to the business’s new owners.
  • Legal obligations: Your personal data may also be disclosed in order for PFAB to fulfill certain legal obligations and may be handed over to the police and other relevant authorities when permitted and required by law.
Withdrawal of consent

In cases where we process your personal data due to the fact that you have given your consent to it, you can revoke the given consent at any time by contacting us according to the contact information below. Such revocation may take place in whole or in part.

Your rights

You have the right to request information about what personal data we have registered about you and how it is used. In accordance with applicable personal data legislation, you also have the right to request that your personal data be deleted or that the processing of your personal data be restricted. You also have the right in some cases to object to the processing of your personal data and to request that your personal data be transferred in electronic format.

Changes to the privacy policy

Please note that the terms of the privacy policy may change. In such cases, the new version will be published on PFAB’s website. You should therefore read these terms and conditions at regular intervals to make sure that you are happy with the changes.